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Whether you are looking to feed your company or throw an  unforgettable party in the West Chester, Pa area, our fresh made hot sandwiches are your ticket to success. The brainchild of Food Network Star “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica our food is always scratch made and locally sourced when possible. We deliver some of the best, most creative sandwiches in the area. From classic cheesesteaks, to roast pork, to our famous chicken cutlets we can do it all. email us to contact us directly. 

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The Philly Hots Story

Combining familiar local favorites like roast pork, roast beef and chicken cutlets with creative sauces and toppings such as his famous fried pepper mayo and charred broccoli and garlic, “Philly Hots!” was born.

When “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica moved from San Francisco back to his hometown of West Chester, Pa, in 2018 he was excited for a fresh start. He knew he wanted to create something new around a classic favorite, sandwiches!!

Tom started out doing small pop-ups and sandwich drop offs for local hospitals and businesses.

Soon he was serving his sandwiches to private parties, weddings and larger corporate functions.

People started to ask him for more offerings to accommodate their needs. Since Tom has been in a kitchen for over 20 years learning about and cooking every cuisine from Thai to modern steak house he gladly fulfilled their requests. Full service private holiday dinner parties for intimate gatherings in homes, larger corporate parties, anniversary parties for long married couples and rehearsal dinners for soon to be married couples became another piece of the “Philly Hots!” concept.


In March of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the nation. People were staying at home without easy access to food, corporations and people had halted large gatherings and hospitals became the front lines in the battle to corral this deadly virus. Tom knew “Philly Hots!” could do something to help. He completely shifted his business model into a home meal delivery service. It brought a little joy to his community of “shelter in placers” that they could stock their fridge and/or freezer with his delicious and complete meals. That aspect of “Philly Hots” continues to this day and is a great way for working parents and older or more immobile people to have excellent and easily re- heatable meals only a fridge away.

WE NOW HAVE A FOOD TRUCK running around the entire Philly area! email us to Book and discuss menus ! we are a full service catering company 

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